16m All Terrain Diesel Telescopic Boom 460SJ Equipment may differ from the exact product shown

16m All Terrain Diesel Telescopic Boom

The 16m All Terrain Diesel Telescopic Boom has a mast that extends to give you the vertical reach needed to access overhead jobs, while also providing outstanding horizontal reach. Telescopic booms can require more space to operate than our articulating models, but they often reach higher and allow you to access work from a distance. This is particularly helpful on job sites where difficult terrain or immovable obstacles prevent close-up access to structures.


  • Continuous 360-degree swing
  • Puncture-proof foam filled tyres
  • Larger platform capacity at 272kg
Working height: 16.02m
Platform height: 14.02m
Platform capacity: 272kg unrestricted
Overall width: 2.31m
Overall weight: 7529kg
Horizontal outreach:  11.89m

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