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We’ve built specialist teams, trusted for their skills, advice and commitment to getting the job done. We know it’s our people that make the difference, and we’re proud of our reputation for reliable service and workmanship. 


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In the beginning…

Completing his apprenticeship, Steve Prestidge starts his career as a fully qualified electrician, working for local Hawera companies, building a reputation for great standards and service.


The birth of Presco

Now a young father looking towards his families future, Steve decides it’s time to go it alone and Presco Electrical is born. An electrical contracting business working out of an old horse stables, mainly across industrial properties and new homes.

Later that same year… With Kiwi (now Fonterra) engineers struggling with scaffolding on a job, Steve sees a better way and sub-hires a scissor lift from a friend in Hastings which becomes the first scissor lift available for hire in Taranaki.


The bright ideas keep coming

In a growing industry, Steve is inspired to make illuminated signs, some of which still stand today. His idea evolved into making moulded plastic covers for refrigeration.

Meanwhile, the electrical business is booming, with up to 15 contactors also working under the Presco Electrical name. Steve expands into a bigger space and hires his first employee; his youngest brother, Carl, another brother, David, manages the scissor lift delivery.


The hire fleet expands and Hire Lift is born

An acquaintance offers Steve an opportunity to purchase more access gear. Steve adds cherry pickers and another scissor lift to his fleet and starts trading as Hire Lift.


Hire Lift is joined by Hawera Hire

The acquaintance returns, this time with small hire gear on offer. Steve purchases the gear and Hawera Hire is created. The business moves to the corner of Scott St and Tawhiti Road.


Presco Electrical is let go

Steve sells Presco Electrical to a friend looking to start his own electrical business and focus’ on the growing Hire customer base. Presco Electrical becomes the Hawera branch of JLE.


Hire Lift heads to New Plymouth

Inspired by Hawera’s great response to his commitment to service and reliability, Steve leases a small building in New Plymouth and a second access fleet begins forming.


Presco Environmental is acquired

A small business cleaning roofs at Fonterra becomes available for sale. A plant manager approaches Steve suggesting he purchase. Presco Environmental begins operating from a portacom on the side of the Hawera Hire offices providing specialist industrial cleaning services focused on the food production industry.


Steve purchases a concrete business

With Steve adding a concrete manufacturing to the mix, he purchases an old BMX track down the road from Hawera Hire and sets up a base for Presco Environmental and the new Presco Products. Presco Products begins building a reputation for quality concrete products for farmers including troughs and feed bunkers.


A family affair

With Steve’s sons joining the business, Steve changes the business from a partnership to a company.


The first Presco Prosump is built

Presco Products becomes Presco Infrastructure and with effluent management for NZ farmers becoming a hot topic and plastic-lined storage ponds not lasting the distance, Presco develops their solution, the concrete Prosump.


Presco Hire is established

Hawera Hire and Hire Lift merge to become Presco Hire and the ribbon is cut at a new purpose-built branch in New Plymouth.


A new addition

Presco acquires Titan Precut in Hawera and Marton and renames the business to Presco Prenail; designing, building and delivering wooden frame and truss.

A Presco Hire Hawera customer is so impressed by the service he receives; he asks to deal with them throughout the country. Supplier partnerships start forming and the service is offered to more customers.


Change is in the air

With the big concrete infrastructure installs requiring staff to spend a lot of time away from home and family, the decision is made to sell the business.

Meanwhile, a new purpose-built manufacturing shed is built for Prenail and the new hire facilitation service is well-received in the market.


Presco Environmental moves online

Presco Environmental opens an online store selling quality, innovative products that supplement their cleaning service.


Looking ahead…

As a business we’ve continued to innovate and provide services where our local industry needs them most. We’re excited about new opportunities ahead, as we continue to grow and support our customers across all areas of our business.


While our group has evolved over the years, our vision has remained the same: to develop and grow sustainable businesses that support our families, but also give back to the communities we are a part of.

We have consciously grown our group, offering services centered around our ‘three-legged stool’ philosophy when it comes to sustainability – people, planet and profit. Our focus is on longevity – for ourselves as a business and for the organisations we service. Our offerings are geared to not only create immediate efficiencies, but also to provide enduring returns long into the future for our clients’ businesses.


As a team, we’re guided by these key principles in how we support our customers, how we hire our people and how we reward our staff. So, no matter how we work together, you can expect trusted advice and the consistent standard of service that the Presco name was built on.

  • Positive team players
  • Respect and appreciation shown to all
  • Effective communication
  • Safe home, every day
  • Customer is key
  • Opportunity through continuous improvement


We’re always on the lookout for skilled people to join us. A role at Presco is a chance to work for a family-owned organisation that truly values its employees while contributing to some of New Zealand’s most important industries. 


We’re proud to support both local and nationwide charities and community groups by giving back through sponsorship support and the provision of services for events.

Some of these events and organisations include:

Rapid Relief Team

Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust

Taranaki Tough Kids


Behind the scenes, our business is led by an executive board. To keep things ticking, we’re also supported by a team of professionals across marketing, finance, IT, HR and QHSE who contribute critical skills across Presco.

Harley Prestidge
Director and Board Member

Oliver Prestidge
Director and Board Member

Royce Prestidge
Director and Board Member

Lauren Prestidge
Director and Board Member

Carl Prestidge
IT Manager

Anita Jordan 
Finance Manager

Chris Prestidge
Finance Support

Kim Randrup
Accounts Payable


Amy Prestidge
QHSE Coordinator and HR Support

Sarah Marrs
Marketing Team Leader

Mela Bates
Marketing Coordinator