Mini Track Dumper C85 Equipment may differ from the exact product shown

Mini Track Dumper

The Mini Track Dumper is the perfect machine for moving large volumes of material in an out of tight spaces and across long distances. With up to 0.36 cubic metres capacity, you can shift large amounts of excavated earth or building materials over long distances with ease. The hard rubber track climbs and glides safely over anything in its path, without snagging on obstacles and debris. Few machines can handle such workloads and yet still fit down tight alleyways and through narrow gates to reach inaccessible worksites. Being only 1.93m in length makes it stable and compact enough to handle heavy loads in challenging tight spaces.


  • Small enough to fit through large doorways and gates
  • Rocking roller track system for great stability
  • Operator ride-on platform folds away
Load capacity: 800kg
Net weight: 566kg
Tipping height:  1.45m
Bucket size: 1150mm L x 810mm W x 375mm H

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