6T Off Road Dumper Equipment may differ from the exact product shown

6T Swivel Dumper

The 6T Swivel Dumper is the ultimate way to move dirt efficiently and economically. Dispense materials easily with the swivel functional which enables the operator to unload the contents of the dumper while driving alongside a trench or drain. By minimising the need for frequent turning and reversing, this feature streamlines operations and optimises your workflow. These dumpers are perfect for transporting, earthmoving, excavating materials, loading trucks/skips and backfilling trenches.


  • Robust design for heavy duty applications
  • Capable of transporting heavy materials and bulky loads
  • Suitable for uneven terrain
Max Safe Load:  6000kg
Weight: 4540kg unladen
Overall width:  2.24m
Overall height: 3.43m or 3.69m when tipping


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