4.9m Portable Lifter CM520 Equipment may differ from the exact product shown

4.9m Portable Lifter

The 4.9m Portable Lifter has a compact and strong telescoping mast made with robust, specially heat-treated aluminium. Its variable speed trigger switch allows fine positioning of the load in order to align with the mounting brackets. Operate on uneven surfaces with independent adjustment on all four legs, for areas such as stairways. With one independent leg that folds, you can also operate adjacent to a wall.


  • Foldable leg for access against walls
  • Highly portable with its foldable design
  • Heavy duty castors for manoeuvrability
Lifting height:  4.9m
Load capacity:  140kg at 3m
Load capacity:  130kg at 4m
Load capacity:  90kg at 4.9m
Overall height:  1.19m stowed
Overall width:  380mm x 380mm stowed
Overall width:  1.5m x 1.4m operating


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