4.2m Non-Powered Mast Lift EcoLift70 Equipment may differ from the exact product shown

4.2m Non-Powered Mast Lift

Eliminate the need for ladders and scaffolding with the 4.2m Non-Powered Mast Lift. The mast lift delivers clean, quiet power-free low-level access and offers an eco-friendly ladder replacement. Increase productivity and keep operators safer in environments that have sensitive flooring like hospitals, schools, office buildings and more. It can be easily maneuvered down hallways and around furniture.


  • Safer alternative to ladders
  • Work comfortably with both hands free
  • Push into place
Working height: 3.96m
Platform height: 2.2m
Platform capacity: 149.69kg
Overall width: 0.7m
Overall weight: 304.81kg
Platform dimensions:  0.85 x 0.65m




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