3.4m Plasterboard Lifter 2311 Equipment may differ from the exact product shown

3.4m Plasterboard Lifter

The 3.4m Plasterboard Lifter is ideal for lifting plasterboard, light fixtures and ductwork installations. Its one person operation allows you to take the back pain out of working on your own, lifting loads up to 70kg. The cradle tilts up to 45 degrees and the back stop brake prevents it from backing up while unloading the boards, keeping your safety a priority. The steering lever allows you to stand back and guide the load to the exact location needed


  • One person operation
  • Protective caps prevent plasterboard damage
  • Self-braking winch with two speeds
  • Compact for storing
Max load height:  3.4m
Min load height:  86cm
Load capacity:  70kg
Open footprint:  1.4m x 1.4m x 1.3m
Max plasterboard size:  1.2m x 3.7m

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