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2000 Litre Water Truck

2000L Water Cart

This 2000 Litre capacity water tank is skid mounted onto a small flat deck truck, with fork pockets. Designed for transporting water to site and for dust suppression. The spray nozzles can be rotated to spray behind or beside the truck. The addition of a high pressure hose allows for ease of directing the water […]

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Walk Behind Trencher

Walk Behind Trencher Ditchwitch C16

The walk behind trencher is ideal for small to medium-sized jobs where space is limited, such as digging for landscaping, cable installation, and irrigation. Great for precision trenching, resulting in less damage to the terrain. […]

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A powerful and versatile cutting tool, the chainsaw can be used for cutting, pruning and felling trees as well as a variety of other tasks around the home and worksite. […]

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Water Truck

Water Truck

A water truck contains water storage facilities and pumping equipment, often used on construction and civil engineering projects. The type of water truck and size needed depends on what your project requires. We can supply a range of water trucks in various sizes, suited for dust suppression and bulk water supply. […]

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Tracked Mini Loaders

Tracked Mini Loader Ditchwitch SK900

Tracked Mini Loaders are designed with small jobs in mind, they are great for maneuverability through gateways and around tight spaces. Commonly used to remove and move materials like sand, mulch, rocks, gravel, and debris often found on construction and landscaping projects. […]

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1-4T Wheeled Loaders

1-4T Wheeled Loader Avant 745

1-4T Wheeled Loaders are versatile and robust machines used in various industries such as farming, forestry, landscaping, and construction. Their compact size allows them to manoeuvre through tight spaces for digging and material handling operations. […]

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6-10T Wheeled Loaders

6-10T Wheeled Loader Komatsu WA100

6-10T Wheeled Loaders are commonly used in construction sites to excavate, load, and transport heavy materials such as rocks, mud, sand, soil, bricks, mulch, and pipes. They are sturdy, reliable, and versatile machines that can operate on uneven terrain with excellent traction. […]

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Grader Case 836C

Graders are robust construction equipment that is specifically designed to level surfaces and make them flat. They are commonly utilised in civil construction, roadworks, and mining sites. Graders are equipped with long and sturdy blades that are capable of moving large amounts of soil and rock and can create a smooth and even surface. […]

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